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           Therapy Dogs


August 28, 2021

Dear Prescription Pets Therapy Dogs Teams,

Your Board of Directors had their monthly meeting last week. Here are the highlights

1.  Dan Perrine was elected to the Board of Directors. He is a great addition. Dan brings administrative, educational and nonprofit board experiences to our Board.

2.  Lee Padden has earned her Tester/Observer designation with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Congrats to Lee!

3.  Please welcome Jana Hamblin and Gus to our group! She has had many years of dog handling, visiting and reading with the dogs at our Library.

4.  Status of the Shasta County Public Health staff visits: Looks like we will start off small. The coordinator wants to make it a pilot visit with one team. Marilyn Graham and Charlie have agreed to be in the pilot visit at the end of the month. If the pilot goes well, we’ll look at more visits.

5.  The 12-visit Program is still active. We will be combining your 2020 and 2021 visits in the tally for the minimum of 12 visits in 2021. In the 12-visit Program each visit and sponsored event earns a point contributing to 12 visits in a year. The 12 points earns a year rocker arm for the Prescription Pets pin. The pins and rockers are distributed at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.

5.  Tentatively, the Board is looking at hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Event in March of 2022. If you have any ideas for how to make this a special and fun event, let me know.

6.  The next “How to Become a Therapy Dog Team” workshop is scheduled for September 17, 2021. Check the website under Workshops for details. If you know of any interested people, let me know.

7.  This is a heads up that our group is participating in the Giving Tuesday fundraiser in November. This is a major fundraiser for us. More details will follow.

8.  Facility updates

  1. Fairchild Medical Center (Yreka) and Mercy Mt.Shasta - Debbie Laxague and Moon are on a substitute list to staff the front desks. Both facilities are small so it isn’t unusual to visit only 1 to 2 patients.
  2. LeBrun Adult Residential Care Facility - Janice Galloway reported that Le Brun currently is not open for visitors.
  3. Mercy Medical Center - Pam Ward reported that dog teams are visiting staff and patients.
  4. Oakmont of Redding - Diana Stockwell reported that there have been group visits for the last 2 months.
  5. Quartz Hill Post Acute Care - Diana said that there have been 2 group visits.
  6. R.E.A.D. Program - The READ program has been going very well. The dog/cat cutouts have been a big hit with the kids. The children are starting to ask for the animals by name. If interested, contact Pam.
  7. The Vistas - is still closed for visitors.
  8. Veterans Home - Lee Padden  reported that the facility was open with provisions but is now closed again due to COVID precautions.

Thank you for all that you do for our communities! Be safe out there!

Diana Stockwell, President

Prescription Pets Therapy Dogs


RXPETS Therapy Dogs Update

Posted on April 1, 2021 at 1:40 PM

 Dear Volunteers,

Our facilities are looking toward to reopening for in person dog-team visiting with procedures to prevent COVID-19 infections. With regards to infection control and COVID-19 our volunteers always follow ATD procedures for a safe visit, CDC COVID-19 state and local rules and guidelines as well as each facility's policies and procedures. In addition the handlers and dogs/cat must be in good health when they visit.

Mercy Medical Center is ready to begin with our teams visiting their staff. Pam has sent an email to the Mercy Teams. To start visiting each volunteer will need to have proof of COVID-19 vaccination as well as current on Flu vaccination and recent PPD on record. If you would like to visit at Mercy Medical Center or have questions, contact Pam Ward at [email protected]

Redding Library will be meeting soon to discuss their plans for reopening for the R.E.A.D. Program. Contact Pam Ward [email protected] for questions or interest.

The Veterans Home is slowly integrating outside visitors. The VA Home is also requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, recent PPD, and current Flu Vaccination. For questions contact Lee Padden at [email protected]

Le Brun Adult Residential Care Facility is getting ready to be open for visiting soon. All residents and staff have received their second COVID-19 vaccination. Le Brun has the great distinction that no resident or staff contracted COVID-19! For questions contact Janice Galloway at [email protected]

Quartz Hill Post Acute Care, Oakmont Senior Living and The Vistas are not quite ready to open yet, but they will let me know when they are.

Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka is in the planning stages for the return of volunteers. Contact Debbie Laxague ([email protected])mailto:[email protected] for more information.

See below for the latest information from ATD. Let me know if you any questions or comments.

In sincere appreciation for your passion for fulfilling our mission of bringing the healing power of pets to our communities,

Diana Stockwell, President,

Prescription Pets Therapy Dogs


From ATD, 12/20/20


ATD continues to require members to follow the rules established by the facility you are visiting. Please also follow the state and local rules and guidelines set forth by the CDC. As stated in the Member Handbook, if any facility rules conflict directly with ATD, please contact the ATD office at [email protected] or (307) 432-0272 for guidance.

ATD is requiring that all members wear masks while on ATD in person visits.

Virtual (e.g. video) and no-contact (e.g. through windows) visits will continue to be counted as ATD visits. Leashes are not required if you are doing video visits from your home. Masks are not required if you are not in close physical proximity or face to face during ATD no-contact visits, but all ATD rules must be followed.

The requirement to visit at least once every three months continues to be waived.

The requirement that you must do a full retest if you have been inactive for 6 months is temporarily waived.

Thank you for all you are doing with your special dogs! Take care and stay well.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

From ATD, 2/2021

RENEWAL REMINDERS Health Verification forms

January renewals are nearly complete. As the ATD office gets prepared for July renewals (which will open up in April) we want to make ALL members aware that we will be requiring the ATD Health Verification Form be turned in completed for all dogs registered with ATD.

The office will no longer accept vet records in lieu of the form at renewal. This ensures ATD has the correct health information for each dog at renewal. This form can always be found in your member portal under "download print resources".

PLEASE review the form before sending it in to the office, we receive hundreds of forms that are missing important details, have dates listed that are clearly added after the vet signed the form, lists expired dates, lists yes in place of the required date and so on. All these issues require follow up resulting in delays in the renewal process. Please help us all get through renewal faster by proof reading your forms before submitting them.

As always if you have any questions about renewal your 2021 Member Handbook is a great resource, if you can't find the answer to your question there do reach out to the office and they are happy to help.

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